Archive: February, 2013

Why You Need to Workout Fasted

Have you ever considered fasted workouts? Either going straight from a good night’s sleep into a workout, or Fasting until your workout time and eating post? How about if I told you that doing so would burn additional fat? Let me tell you all about the advantages you can get by exercising on an empty Read more…

Intermittent Fasting – Wake up to noticeable results every day!

There’s been a surge of chatter across web sites and forums lately about the impact of fasting as a weight loss technique. In my experience, most people can get derive weight loss benefit from fasting, as well as contributing to their positive overall health. According to researchers, intermittent fasting seems to possibly reduce blood pressure, Read more…

Eating Post Workout is Important

There’s a commonly held belief that the most important meal for a bodybuilder is the post workout one. Eating Post Workout is a super training session during which you’ve shredded a ton of muscle fiber, it’s critical to get the repair process underway as soon as possible, right? Not really, as it turns out. Yes, you Read more…


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