About Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting: What Is It?

The wealthiest people on the planet are those who are healthy. But what is health, and why is it so important? Health is the optimal well-being of a person, be it physical or mental. Maintaining a fit body and health lifestyle will help you stay motivated and positive in life, and will also help you keep your youthfulness and vibrancy  The best news for many is that healthy people not only stay youthful longer, but they also tend to live longer. Recent research has shown that there is another way to keep your body healthy: intermittent fasting. This, along with your usual healthy diet and exercise, will be beneficial for you, and is a method that many will find useful.

What It Is
If you are looking for an inexpensive and easy way to lose weight, this is it. Intermittent fasting requires no medication, no gym, and no equipment. Instead, the process is as simple as keeping a strict diet, and not eating anything in between meals. This also means, by the definition of “intermittent”, that one’s eating patterns must be in order and on schedule.

How It Works
So now we know what it is, but how does this help our appearance and health? The answer is simple: our bodies are amazing machines, and many doctors say that intermittent fasting works by programming the brain, and specifically the hypothalamus, to only give us the desire to eat or drink at specific times of the day: those times on your schedule. The hypothalamus sits on the brain stem, and tells us when we are hungry and thirsty. Any desires to eat or drink come from the hypothalamus, and an untrained one can cause us to eat and drink in large proportions, often leading to obesity and health problems.

This untrained organ can magnify our urges, and although eating or drinking in general is not a health risk, what we eat and drink can be. Those who drink lots of soda and eat tons of fast food are going to be in much poorer health than those who drink water and tea, and eat plenty of fruits, veggies, and grains. Uncontrolled eating is usually done with the less healthy foods, and this type of lifestyle can not only lead to obesity, but also other health problems such as diabetes, heart problems, and hypertension.

The Solution
The best way to start heading towards a healthier life is to plan out each meal. This method of fasting only works when done on a regular and willing basis, and the person must be fully disciplined in order to obtain their desired goal. On top of just the fasting, many people must also look at how many calories they intake per day. Lowering this number will also be extremely beneficial for weight and overall health.

A good combination of intermittent fasting and keeping one’s calories down will help a person to not only obtain their goal weight, but it will also help them live a much healthier, longer life. On top of that, the ability to restrain what, when, and how much we eat is a huge benefit for all people. Live longer and healthier now, and enjoy life as it was meant to be enjoyed. 


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