Control STRESS with these secret mushrooms…🍄

Does stress and chaos rule your life?

Do you find yourself waking up each day to racing thoughts, anxiety about the day to come, and just a general feeling of overwhelm?

Well, I’m excited to tell you about something from my friends over at Potentia Wellness.

Meet Zen Blend, an adaptogenic medicinal mushroom / herbal drink designed to help produce feelings of calm, peace, and sustained energy (on top of many more benefits)

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Anxiety Relief Stress Relief Medicinal MushroomsThe moment YOU start sipping on Zen Blend, you’ll find:

  1. A sense of calm enveloping you as the log-grown reishi and other mushrooms and herbs go to work chilling you out
  2. The ability to handle stress better as the magnesium from our Zen Blend regulates your blood pressure and nerve function
  3. Pure enjoyment as the monk fruit, stevia, and organic cocoa powder work to add a more pleasing flavor to the reishi’s distinct taste

(yes, you read that right. It’s sweetened with stevia and monk fruit so NO sugar).

It’s also vegan, free of gmos, and an overall super pure and potent formula with proven ingredients.

Ready to have an increased resiliency to stress and anxiety?

Ready to wake up and enter the day with a soothing cup of calm?

Read to finally feel relaxed and have your mind slow down a bit?

Ready to finally say good bye to the daily chaos so many of us face?

Then you’re ready for Zen Blend >>> Click here >>> [Use coupon code ‘adam10’ for 10% off!]

Wondering how this magical drink works?  Well, it’s a synergistic combination of a few medicinal mushrooms and herbs.

Let’s start with Reishi Mushroom

Reishi is a POWERFUL adaptogen (which is something that helps lower stress) and Zen Blend has a HUGE dose of 1,500 mg per serving…

Reishi can also boost your immune function, support your liver, mood, etc…

Zen Blend also has other stress supporting goodness in it including cordyceps (another medicinal mushroom), Bacopa (a medicinal herb), and magnesium.

Reishi (plus all of the above) are in Zen Blend and each of these ingredients works synergistically together to bring you into a more calm, balanced, and focused state.

High quality magnesium (which is in Zen Blend) will help to restore any magnesium deficiencies (which the majority of the population has) and produce feelings of calm.

Bacopa works in a similar way and is commonly used for improving memory and anxiety.

Cordyceps mushroom is another powerful medicinal mushroom that is commonly used for promoting longevity, lung health, and sustained energy.


  • Begin each day from a calm, centered place
  • Drink something that will help support your mind and body through life’s daily stress and chaos
  • Chill out and relax your mind
  • Elevate your mood
  • Take the edge off life and have something grounding to add to your morning coffee
  • Want to live life feeling fully grounded, present and in the moment so you can take in the sun and the leaves without being a background blur

I’d love for you to try Zen Blend today risk free!

Go over to this link right now and get yourself a bottle >>> Click here [Use coupon code ‘adam10’ for 10% off!]

Your order has a RISK FREE return period of 30 days on one bottle.  

If you try it and don’t like it then simply just let Potentia know by emailing within the 30 day period (start after purchase) and they will take care of you.

Honestly, life is too short to be living with uncontrolled stress and medicinal mushrooms like Reishi are a great way to address that.

Like I said before, and like we all know, stress is the #1 killer.

Zen Blend won’t solve all your problems in life.  Not by a long shot…

BUT, it will calm you down and make things a whole lot easier for you.

I cannot recommend this blend enough and I’m very impressed with the quality of ingredients that went into the creation of it!


PS:  Looking for an amazing, earthy hot cocoa drink that can be consumed by itself or with coffee that helps support a healthy response to STRESS?  Click here >>> [Use coupon code ‘adam10’ for 10% off!]

PPS: Zen Blend tastes AMAZING as an additive to your morning coffee and really helps take the edge off the day.


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