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Hacking Intermittent Fasting with MCT Oil, Coconut Oil

Adam has uploaded an awesome video today discussing the benefits of using MCT Oil for Intermittent Fasting. We highly encourage all readers to head on over to Adam’s channel and youtube video! Wondering what MCT Oil is? “MCTs” are medium-chain triglycerides, a form of saturated fatty acid that has numerous health benefits, ranging from improved Read more…

Cuban Sweet Potatoes for Fasting

A great intermittent fasting meal is Cuban Sweet Potatoes. If you’ve cut back your regular intake and are looking for a great fasting meal or a workout meal, this is one you can’t go past. It’s simple, delicious and full of carbs to help your body refuel its energy levels and build bulk after your fast. For Read more…

Watch Your Ratios intermittent fasting meal plans

With as often as we eat out at restaurants and fast food joints, and the media distorting what we should eat and how much, it is easy to see why so many people are unhealthy and overweight. Intermittent fasting meal plans Also, when we reduce or increase of carbs, protein, and fats, this change in Read more…

How to intermittent fasting start: Calorie Tracking

The last six months have involved me eating during times I may not have actually been hungry (stress, sadness, anger), all of which has led to weight gain. intermittent fasting start it has slowly crept up on me. I finally noticed it when I watched a show by Dr. Michael Mosley about intermittent fasting start Read more…

Intermittent Fasting Meal Plans

Recently,Intermittent Fasting Meal Plans there have been a couple questions floating around about daily intermittent fasting. Some of these include: “Do I really only eat a meal per day?”; “Is going without fo od for so long unhealthy?”; and my favorite, “Isn’t the most important meal breakfast?” Let’s start with the last question,Intermittent Fasting Meal Read more…


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