Working out or exercising to really see results intermittent fasting safe

While the idea of intermittent fasting sounds a little crazy to some people, it really is pretty safe and one will see benefits from it in little time.Intermittent fasting safe although typically fasting does include starving yourself on purpose, it is not as bad as it sounds.I

Intermittent fasting safe

This irregular starvation method allows a person to eat as usual most days of the week and at some point go 24 hours with only drinking water. ExerciseWhat the fast really does is allow the body, and specifically the digestive system, to take a break from processing protein, fat, and carbs. One does not want to overeat and then workout extra hard to make up for it. This is brutal on the body. Instead this fasting method allows one’s internal organs to rest. The other great thing about intermittent fasting is that it helps the metabolism speed up as well as works as a detox to rid the body of impurities; the 24 hours of water helps with this too.
I am not one to accept okay or mediocre results; I strive for the best results. This is why I often combine weight loss methods in order to get a full result. Here we will talk about exercise, carb cycling, and intermittent fasting.
What type of exercise, and how much?

If a person wants to quickly lose weight, it is my opinion that circuit training stretching-and-exercisingusing one’s body weight is the best option; this build muscle, melts fat, and gives you a full body workout.Intermittent fasting safe These workouts use your body weight, not a machine, and are much more natural than, again, machines. This type of workout is also much safer on the joints and such. One should not take long rests in between sets because the goal of a good workout is the get the heart beating and pumping. Once the heart is beating at the proper rate, the fat in your body will fall off.Intermittent fasting safe One good term to know and use when working out is “progressive overload”. This involves increasing how intense the workout is; this includes slow increases each workout. This can be as easy as adding another set, jogging another 5 minutes, or adding 10 more sit-ups.
The diet

So you have the workout planned. What about what you will eat, and when? Intermittent fasting requires you to pick a window of 8-10 hours, and only eat during that time span. The rest of the day involves fasting and only consuming water, no food. This time span can be at any time during the day, so it works for both early morning people and night owls. But, never put this time span during your sleep hours. Another good tip is to place this time span around your usual gym or workout time; working out during a fast time is a great idea. If you are one that can only get to the gym after work or school, then it’s ok to eat a minimal amount of food before your workout.
Carbohydrate Cycling
This should also be used in conjunction with the methods listed above. This method consists of ingesting high amounts of protein, and low amounts of carbs three days a week, followed by a ratio swap on day four (more carbs than protein). This cycle is then repeated. This method works by stripping the fat out of the body while still keeping muscle mass (high carbs on day four help with this).

When one combines the three above methods, weight loss can be easy. Combining body weight circuits with intermittent fasting and carb cycling will allow you look how you have dreamed of looking and in little time too.


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